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How To Prepare Your Heart


Praise God, we’ve got power over sin and temptation! Although we have the victory, not everyone walks in it. Do you ever wonder how Christians who love the Lord can end up failing when temptation comes along? One of the main reasons is that they haven’t prepared their hearts.

 Most people don’t intentionally decide they’re not going to serve God anymore and just walk away from Him. They have good intentions. They want to live for God. The problem is they haven’t prepared in advance to face the troubles of this world.

You have to establish your heart so that you won’t cave in when problems come your way. I’ve traveled and ministered for decades. Many times, I’ve met people who are excited about the Lord, but they’re just shallow. They’re a mile wide and an inch deep. There’s no assurance that later on down the road, they’ll still be serving the Lord.

How to Prepare Your Heart Package

Preparing your heart is one of the most important things you can do in your Christian walk. When your heart is prepared, you won’t cave in to the pressures and temptations of this world. Let Andrew show you how to commit your heart in advance through his teaching, How to Prepare Your Heart.

This teaching is available as part of a special package that includes your
choice of either the How to Prepare Your Heart CD or DVD series along with both the Lessons from David book and the Lessons from Elijah book.


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